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Direct Deposit

Have your paycheck directly put into your account. Save time, energy and money by not having to stand in line. 

Have access to your paycheck without having to be near the credit union. Pay bills from your account with our Electronic Services and withdrawal money out of an ATM using the Co-Op Network.


*Fill out this form and bring into your payroll department.

Quick Tips & Info

  • No fees, fast and secure
  • Instead of waiting for the mail or for your employer to hand you a paper check that can get lost or stolen, have it deposited directly into your account
  • Assign funds to be automatically deposited into different accounts or sub shares or to automatically pay loans. Hassle and worry free.
  • By assigning funds this will allow the same amount to go into your checking account each time. As a result, if your paycheck changes, it will not affect your checking account. (As long as there is still enough coming in to cover your allocation.)

Social Security Direct Deposit Form

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