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Start building your credit with a loan that is secured by your Savings Account. As you pay back the loan amount, we release your Savings Account funds automatically.

Apply online, stop in, or call (616) 406-2480 and press 6 to apply over the phone.

Unlimited, 24/7 access via our Electronic Services to:

  • Transfer funds
  • Obtain balance information
  • Make loan payments
  • Check history

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Quick Tips & Info

  • No credit check—fast approval
  • Excellent way to build credit
  • Amount is available in your savings once the payment is made on your loan
    Place $500 into your savings account and we give you a loan for $500 using your money as collateral for the loan.  You not only get to earn interest on the money you deposited, you are getting a payment history on your credit report each month you make a payment
  • Great way for you to use your money without actually using your money
    If you have the funds to buy a car in your account we can use the money as collateral for the loan instead of the car itself.  You still earn interest on the funds that you have in your account, and the car title is free and clear of a lien holder.
  • Debt Protection available which includes unemployment, life and disability
  • Transfer funds, obtain balance information, make loan payments and check history 24/7 with our free and easy to use Electronic Services: Online Banking, Mobile Text Banking, Telephone Banking

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