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VISA® Credit Card

2 Low Fixed Rate Cards!

  • Classic (10.90% APR) 

  • Platinum (8.90% APR)

Most credit cards have a catch with many fees, but you won’t find that here. Rivertown offers VISA® Classic and Platinum with:

  • No Balance Transfer Fees

  • No Annual Fees

  • Low Fixed Rates

  • No Cash Advance Penalty

  • Worldwide Acceptance

VISA® Credit Card Agreement

VISA® Online View and Pay

See your current balance, recent transactions, past statements, and make payments from the comfort of your home or office. Use Design Your Own Card to make your card your very own with one of your photos or choose from their gallery, click on Online Services within Visa View and Pay to begin.

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Quick Tips & Info

  • Fixed credit card rates, no hidden fees or different rates for different transactions*
    *Foreign Transaction Fee is 1% of each transaction in U.S. dollars
  • Keep balance at 50% or below to keep a good credit rating
  • Have on hand for emergency expenses, and try to avoid using it for day to day expenses
  • Know the difference between your Credit Card and your Debit Card
  • Any fraudulent transactions over $50 may be disputed
  • This is a good way to establish credit, including those who are just beginning college
  • Design your own card by clicking on Online Services within Visa View and Pay
  • Make your payments at any location, apply for an increase with our loan representatives, or call us with any questions on the account
  • By bringing in your most recent credit card statement to any of our locations you can receive a free balance transfer. We also offer free cash advance.
  • Use VISA® View and Pay to see current balances, recent transactions, past statements and make payments

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Grandville Location: 616.531.3670
Wyoming Location: 616.247.0443


Lost/Stolen Cards:
Visa Customer Service – 1.866.820.4892
MasterCard Debit Lost/Stolen – 888.241.2510

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