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Overdraft Protection and CPay

Transfer money to your checking account from your Saving Accounts or Line of Credit to cover the cost if you overdraw on your account.

There is a $4.00 fee for each overdraft transfer. To activate Overdraft Protection call Rivertown at 616.406.2480 or activate it through Online Banking.
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Courtesy Pay (CPay)

This is up to $500.00 that can be used in an emergency when there are non-sufficient funds in your checking account. Alternatively, if you are enrolled in Overdraft Protection, this can be used if there are non-sufficient funds in your Savings Account or Line of Credit.

In order for CPay to work on Point-Of-Sale transactions (with your debit card) you must fill out and sign an opt-in form. This form must be either mailed in or turned into a Rivertown Representative to become activated.

Courtesy Pay is a way for you to avoid a returned check fee. Courtesy Pay fees are $27.00* and will work on checks and cash withdrawals.
*View opt-in form for complete details
*Courtesy Pay is less expensive than a payday loan
*Use Courtesy Pay for emergencies only
Example: Do not pay $27.00 for a $5.00 cup of coffee

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