Debit Card

Gain Efficiency

Deposit, withdraw, transfer funds, make loan payments or obtain balance information with our MasterCard® Debit Card. Use on a daily basis and protect your cash at the same time.

Earn Rewards

Once enrolled in Debit Rewards, you'll earn 1 point for every $2 you spend when you run your card as "Credit". Reward points can then be used for gift cards, merchandise, travel and more! Learn more about Debit Rewards.

In the event of theft your card can be cancelled with our MasterCard® Debit Lost/Stolen Hotline Phone Number: 888.241.2510.

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Quick Tips & Info


  • Your MasterCard® Debit Card is accepted anywhere a MasterCard logo is displayed. It is also accepted nationwide at all Co-Op ATMs fee free. Learn more about the Co-Op Network.
  • Unlimited debit/credit and ATM transactions
  • Obtain cash from merchants or retailers while making purchases by using your PIN during a debit transaction
  • Have Direct Deposit into your checking and then use your Debit Card for fast easy access
  • Change your PIN number by calling the number on the letter you received your PIN number on or at any one of our three ATMs
  • The history on your debit card will list all merchants and locations (checks do not give you this option)
  • Save time by using your debit card to purchase online items, to pay at the pump and more
  • Control college student spending (Also consider our Reloadable Visa Cards)
  • Any Seven Eleven ATM machines allow you to use Rivertown’s debit card for no charge



  • Keep your money safe by carrying it on your debit card, a card that in the event of theft can be cancelled 
  • If your debit card is lost or stolen, you are protected from loss on any signature transaction fraudulent charges (cash that is lost or stolen is gone forever)
  • Do not write down your PIN number and keep it with your debit card (PIN transactions are not protected from loss)
  • By opting into the credit union’s Courtesy Pay you have access up to $500.00 beyond the balance in your account for emergencies ($27.00 fee).  For CPay protection to occur while using your Debit Card, you must fill out and return the opt-in form. 
  • You can use your other deposit accounts as Overdraft Protection to prevent being denied while trying to make a purchase or a withdrawal from an ATM (a $4.00 fee applies for each overdraft transfer)