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Our savings account allows a way for kids to understand the value of hard work and saving to reach their goals.  By offering prizes along the way, kids will see rewards for their decisions.

How the program works:  Each youth member receives their very own member Reward card, with no monthly fees, and dividends earned on balances of $5 or more. Prizes are given based on the number of stamps on their Reward Card

Ways To Increase Your Stamps:

  • Open a Savings Account: Receive 2 stamps
  • Deposit under $10: Receive 1 stamp
  • Deposit $10 or over: Receive 2 stamps
  • One deposit during birthday month: Receive 5 stamps
  • Refer a Friend: Receive 3 stamps
  • All A’s & B’s on a report card: Receive 3 stamps


4 Stamps: Pen
6 Stamps: Silly Band Bracelets
8 Stamps: Alligator Book Mark
10 Stamps: Coloring Book and Crayons
12 Stamps: Coin Holder
16 Stamps (1 Full Card): Piggy Bank

*Rewards Program may change at management’s discretion

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Quick Tips & Info

Current Rates (same as regular Savings account)

Tips for Parents:

Check out this website for more information!

  • Start teaching your kids how to save money by promoting a healthy financial future for them
  • Start saving now for future college expenses
  • Set up a distribution from your account or payroll and have it directly placed into their account
  • Establish a good relationship with a credit union early that will help your children in their future
  • With parents as joint owners, your child can have a checking account and debit card-start their financial education now

Tips for Kids:

  • This is a great way for you to start saving for your future, cars, college, or some fun money
  • Set aside a certain amount each time you get your allowance, pay check, birthday money etc., so that you can put some of it into your account each time.  The money will add up before you know it. 


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