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Stress-Free and Easy is what you will find when obtaining an Auto Loan from Rivertown; whether it's a new or used vehicle, or you are looking to refinance. Our rates are extremely competitive and, often times, much lower than bank rates. If you decide to apply for financing at the dealership, ask to apply with Rivertown!

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Recreational Vehicle Loans

Whether you’re searching for a Motorcycle, Boat, RV, or Motor Home, Rivertown has the Loan Services to make that dream come true. With a quick pre-approval process, you will be on your way to owning your dream in no time!

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Enjoy Unlimited, 24/7 Access Via our Electronic Services to:

  • Make Loan Payments
  • Transfer Funds
  • Obtain Balance Information
  • Check History
  • For Both Auto and Recreational Vehicle Loans!

Features & Benefits:

  • No early payoff fees.
  • We do not charge interest up front, so make extra payments to pay off your loan early and save yourself money!
  • Consider “Guaranteed Asset Protection Plus" on your Rivertown CFCU Auto Loan.
  • Ask us about “Mechanical Repair Coverage”. These rates are often times lower than the dealership's.
  • Debt Protection is available that includes unemployment, life, and disability.

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