ATM Network & Shared Branching

Enjoy Free Access to nearly 30,000 ATMs and over 5,000 Branches Nationwide!

Rivertown offers excellent products and services, however the amount of locations we have may be weighing on your mind. But with the Co-Op Network, it's a non-issue. Just by being a Rivertown member you have free access to your accounts at thousands of ATMs and Credit Union branches all over the country. Look to the right for further detail.

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How They Work

Co-Op ATM Network: This allows you to use nearly 30,000 ATMs that are part of the Co-Op Network fee free. As long as you see the logo you see below you will be able to use the ATM for free.  Use any of the following methods to find an ATM near your current location:

Click hereOR text your zip code to this number: 91989 or download this application to your smart phone: Co-Op ATM Locator.

Shared Branching: This allows you to go into other credit union institutions and use their services when you are not near Rivertown’s locations. It is a convenient way to still have access to your funds anywhere, with over 5,000 credit union locations.

Click here to view the website or search for ‘Shared Branching’ in your iTunes Store, App Store, Market or on your GPS. Additionally, Shared Branching allows members of other credit unions to use our locations. Look for the logo below to see if a credit union is a part of this network.