EMV Cards

A More Secure Way to Pay

Starting this April, all new Rivertown Credit Cards and re-issued Rivertown Credit Cards come with chip based technology, which means they're more secure. EMV (which stands for European Mastercard VISA) is the most fraud-resistant payment method you can use!

Chip technology is already prevalent outside the United States and we're preparing for a migration of chip readers at merchants domestically. As merchants begin to replace existing card readers with chip terminals, your Rivertown Credit Union card will be ready to provide you with the most secure transactions!

This new chip card is more secure than old magnetic stripe style cards. It has an embedded microchip that makes it extremely difficult to copy, should it be lost or stolen.

*At this time, only our Rivertown Credit Cards have EMV chips. We hope to soon offer our Debit Cards with the same technology!

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Quick Tips

Using the EMV Card is a little different, but very easy.

First, Swipe the Card

  • If the terminal is not chip card-enabled, the transaction will be processed the same.
  • If the terminal is chip card-enabled, the terminal will read the magnetic stripe and recognize it as a chip card. A message will appear that reads, "Please insert the chip card into the terminal."
  • If prompted, insert your card.
  • The terminal will authenticate your chip card and keep it safe inside the terminal until you've finished the transaction.

Second, Remember Your Pin

  • Terminals may use different formats to authenticate the card user. There are two methods to authenticate: PIN and signature.

Last, Remove Your Card

  • After you receive your transaction receipt, remove your card. Some terminals will beep to remind you.
  • That's it!