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Even if you do not have your mortgage here, you can still set up an Escrow account to put money aside for insurance and property taxes. Check out our Quick Tips & Info to the right for how much to put aside or speak with a Rivertown Representative. Upon request, we can process payments of taxes and insurance.

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Quick Tips & Info

Current Rates

  • Earn interest
  • No minimum balance required or withdrawal restrictions
  • You have complete control over this account: withdrawal and deposit funds as desired
  • This account is an excellent way to save for your taxes and home owners insurance
  • Nickname this account in Online Banking

How much will you need to place in the Escrow each month?

  • Take your insurance and property taxes for the year, add them together, and then divide by 12
  • To break down the amount even further:
    Divide your yearly total from the line above by 52 weeks if you are paid weekly or 26 weeks if you are paid bi-weekly. That will be the amount you need to set aside each pay period.
  • Set up an allocation from your payroll to go directly to your Escrow Account
  • This account can be set up for Overdraft Protection