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Enjoy the ultimate ability to save and access your money at any time* with only a $5.00 share amount required. This $5.00 minimum amount is your share of Rivertown CU.

*Please Note Regulation D requirements will be strictly enforced on all savings accounts beginning October 1st, 2015.

High Yield Savings

With a minimum amount of $2500, this savings account allows you to gain better interest rates as you continue to increase the balance. At any time, have access to deposit funds into your savings.

Holiday Savings

The holidays come fast every year. Be prepared and start putting funds away now with this easy to set up savings account. Set up a portion of your Direct Deposit to go toward this account, or stop by either location.

Vacation Savings

By having funds deposited directly into your Vacation Club account, you can actively begin to reach your goal. Whether your ideal vacation is a sandy beach or a cabin in the woods, be ready to relax when it comes around.

Youth Savings Account

Our savings account allows a way for kids to understand the value of hard work and saving to reach their goals.  By offering prizes along the way, kids will see rewards for their decisions. Stop by either location to find out more today.

*Conditions do apply, ask your Rivertown Representative

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Features & Benefits

  • Insured by the NCUA, visit to learn about your insurance coverage
  • With a standard savings account, there is no minimum balance, only your $5 share
  • See your employer to set up an automatic savings plan, Payroll Deduction, or Direct Deposit to the Credit Union
  • The High Yield savings is tiered so that the more funds that are in it, the higher the interest rate will be and the more money you will make
  • A Holiday Savings reduces the stress of higher spending throughout the Season
  • Setting up a Youth Savings will establish a relationship with the Credit Union early and help teach your children the importance of saving

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